Finance Your Trip to India – This is How You Plan Your Holiday in India

Long-distance travel usually requires comprehensive planning. In addition to the health check-up and the topic of vaccinations, the question is what the entry requirements look like. Or how long-distance travel – for example to India – is financed.

The subcontinent is a hotspot of the exotic and allows you to immerse yourself in a foreign world. How can the journey be paid? If you head for India, you always have to reckon with several thousand Euro travel expenses. And of course, I do not want to go hungry on the go either.

But how can a trip to India be financed? In this article we show you some interesting ways of travel financing. The Taj Mahal is almost something of India’s landmark, but it’s just one of the highlights in this wonderful country. 

How much is a trip to India?

How much is a trip to India?

Pure Exotic – Traveling to India promises to immerse yourself in a completely different world. Anyone visiting the Indian subcontinent with the intention of getting to know India away from the tourist resorts must also be prepared for a cultural shock. The contrasts are much more pronounced in India than in Germany. Nobody should be deterred by that. How Expensive Can an India Trip Be?

Those who choose India as a destination should keep an eye on the following areas:

  • flight
  • accommodation
  • food
  • trips

The lion’s share is likely to be the long haul flight as well as the accommodation. Example: A flight costs in the simple class fast 500 Euro to 600 Euro. In higher classes – such as Premium Economy – are quickly four-digit amounts in it. And the prices are only per person.

Regarding the night the scope is of course extreme. Backpackers who want to experience India intensively may tend to couchsurf – which of course keeps the costs manageable. If you want to spend the night in a three to four star hotel, you have to plan another 1,000 to 3,000 euros (depending on the duration of the trip).

Stay still point as food or excursions, car hire and so on to clarify. If you travel to India – and 14 days (more like 3 weeks) are standard for this – you have to expect 5,000 euros or 6,000 euros quickly.

Depending on the luxury category, it is even more expensive. The travel provider ” the Luxury Holiday “, for example, offers particularly high-quality and individualized travel, which entails significantly higher costs. Totals that have to be raised first to finance a trip to India.

The costs at a glance:

cost aspect Cost for 14 days
Overnight / food 750 to 3,000 euros
flight 500 – 1,500 euros per person
activities 300 – 1,500 euros
total 1,550 – 6,000 euros

Table 1: Costs for a trip to India

Finance India trip

Finance India trip

Long-distance travel is expensive! This realization should have prevailed in the meantime. And the costs increase depending on the duration of the journey. The question remains, how the trip can be financially supported. Saving money has the advantage of not having to worry about anything. On the other hand, this financing requires perseverance and patience.

  • A holiday loan

    A holiday loan

Credit financing is now a matter of course in the trade. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtourism, this service is used rather reluctantly. Here, the holiday “on installments” can certainly pay off – if everything is done properly in preparation. In principle, there are two options to choose from: You can finance the trip to India directly from the travel agency or with a classic installment loan.

The latter option has some advantages. Example: The loans from the travel agency are – since it is always the combination of finance and travel to consider – sometimes difficult to compare. Installment credits make it easier for you here. What other readers think about vacation loans, you can read in our credit forum.

Important points are:

  • Annual percentage rate: The annual percentage rate includes all relevant costs for the holiday loan. Therefore, you should always use this as the most important comparison criterion in our credit comparison.
  • Special conditions: These include, for example, free special repayments or corresponding adjustments to the respective rates.

Tip: When traveling, you should make sure that the term is not too extensive. Anyone who still has to pay for the trip to India in three years may have taken over. Perspectively should be in the coming year again a holiday in it. It makes sense to use a combination of down payment (equity) and loans at this point. Often, the question arises as to whether a loan is approved for an existing private credit entry. All information about the loan despite private credit can be found on this article.

  • Financing directly from travel providers

    Financing directly from travel providers

Tour operators have of course recognized the potential of travel financing. One advantage of these vacation loans is that special discounts may be available for travel. And of course, the organizer understands the needs of its customers better than the bank. But: As already mentioned, the medal has two sides. There is a real danger that transparency will be lost, since comparability is no longer that easy.

At the same time, it should also be considered that financing conditions may only apply to certain travel modules – which ultimately undermines travel planning flexibility.

  • Work & Travel to India

    Work & Travel to India

Work & Travel is a popular option for backpackers like Australia or New Zealand. For India, the whole is only partially. Background: The number of companies eligible as potential employers – and offering sufficiently high wages – is limited.

There may be opportunities as a foreign language guide in the tourism sector. However, you should not rely on this variant for financing.

Voluntary work is widespread in India – such as:

  • in environmental protection
  • for social projects
  • in the healthcare system.

Depending on your interests, this option may be the framework for a stay in India.

Conclusion: Travel to India is expensive

Conclusion: Travel to India is expensive

India is a country full of contrasts. Fairytale dream worlds and poverty meet here directly on each other. Nevertheless, India is a magnet for travelers from Germany too. Those who dare the trip must be prepared to invest 5,000 euros and more. This sum can be saved or you have to finance the trip to India. However, borrowing must be thoroughly prepared – to avoid surprises.

Work & Travel plays a subordinate role on the subcontinent. If you can afford it, you finance your indian trip from the “backpack”. Today, digital nomads are fortunate enough to earn the money they need with their laptop or tablet right on the beach or in the bustle of Mumbai for the coming weeks.